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It's your 'Special' event

 To help you plan your wedding, we've added this section to help answer many of the questions up front.

1. Will The Wannabeez be available on our date?

Call Richie Bulger at (902) 394-3295 or contact him by email at to discuss the date and time of your event. We like to book as far in advance as possible.

2. how many years experience do you have performing live?

The Wannabeez musicians have over 20 years experience in music production and live performance. The Wannabeez are  Richie Bulger, Brian Langille and Carl Cormier.

3. At what time will the entertainment begin and end?

We will discuss your  schedule in order to know exactly to the minute, when you would like us to begin and end. Often we work and take our cues from the DJ, Emcee, or yourself. Rest assured, we'll iron out the schedule and be ready to go as discussed.

4. Do you require a sound system or have specific technical requirements?

We can provide a sound system and light show that will work well at your event. We'll need to know how many people are attending, how large a venue it is, where the stage is located... etc. We can discuss our requirements, including whether the DJ, soundman or venue has an adequate sound system.

5. At what time do you require to set up?

We will require a few hours of lead time in order to deliver, set up, do a sound check or dress rehearsal, and go over the set lists. We'll discuss these details with you or the event manager. Our goal is to be set up long before your guests arrive.

6. Are there specific requirements for different weather conditions, if performing outside?

Yes. In order to perform outdoors, we must keep an eye on the weather. Because our musical instruments and sound gear need to be protected from moisture and sun, we ask for specific weather-related precautions to be adhered to in advance. A stage, tent or canopy may be required.

7. What genres of music do you perform?

We perform music from many genres including rock, country, pop, traditional, indie... and many others. Just ask for it, and we'll play it.

8. Can you send us a list of the music you will perform?

We will be glad to discuss what music we currently have in our repertoire, but

we would like to hear if there are any songs you want in particular.

Here's a list of our repertoire. We also take requests from your guests.

9. If the event goes longer than planned, do you change over-time fees? If so, what are they?

We offer rates that are competitive and we offer some latitude for last minute schedule changes. Our overtime rate will be provided in a quote.

10. What are your fees and is a deposit required?

We will be glad to discuss the specifics of your event in order to provide you with a specific and accurate quote. We require payment in full, two weeks prior to the event. We also have a cancellation policy that we offer all our clients in case of changes and cancellations.

11. Do you require a contract?

It all depends on the event. Our word is our contract in a lot of cases. We do expect the same in return. In order to perform at your event we meet with you, find out what you require, and make sure both of us know what is expected of us, in return for payment. We have a standard contract that lists our services and requirements, including your schedule and any conditions we agree to.

If you have any additional questions for The Wannabeez, please call us. We'll discuss your event details and answer any questions you have." width="307"/>

For bookings, inquiries or more information, contact Richie Bulger at 902-394-3295 or Email:

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